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Beaver boat trip

Main topic: Beaver

Photo season: April-November

Date: to suit

Price: 60 Euro / person

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Area: Narew river valley


Early evening we set off with a flat-bottomed boat in search of beavers which are usually very active at this time. The boat is equipped with two powerful spotlight halogens. Beaver are most easy to spot while feeding on river banks. They are not afraid of the light and it is usually very easy to approch them without scaring them away.

How to photograph beavers at night? We can easily take advantage of the halogens. We need high ISO setting on our cameras (usually higher than 4000 ISO) and fast lenses are recommended. Sometimes 200-300mm focal lenght is sufficient. 200-400 mm lens on a full frame camera is recommended. We can also use flashes but when they are mounted on cameras they produce very flat, unattractive light. All the pictures in the gallery were taken with the use of halogens.

Place of departure: Wizna

Time of departure: 1h after sunset

Duration: 2h

Number of participants: min 4, max 8

Price: 60 Euro / person

Rekomendowany ekwipunek:

- photo gear
- warm clothes
- warm hat and gloves in cold months