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Eagle hide

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Species photographed from this hide:
(r - rare)
Common Buzzard
Crane (r) European Bison (r)
Golden Eagle (r)
Hodded Crow (r)
Jackdaw (r)
Lesser Spotted Eagle Magpie (r)
Marsh Harrier (r)
Mistle Thrush
Racoon Dog (r)
Red Deer (r)
Red Fox
Roe Deer (r)
Spotted Eagle (r)
White-tailed Eagle
Wild Boar
Wolf (r)

Description of the hide:

Size: 400x180x140cm (width x lenght x height)
Floor size: 400x180 cm
Number of places: 4
Hide with one-way mirror glass
Low perspective: possible
Orientation: North
WC: yes
Heating: yes

Additional info:

In winter you can enter/leave the hide only in the dark.