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Main topic: Elk (Moose) in its natural habitat; in winter also chances for beaver and otter

Photo season: December-April (best)

Date: to suit

Price: 280 Euro/group
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Area: Biebrza Marshes, Biebrza National Park, NE Poland

Introduction: Biebrza Marshes is the Elk kingdom. They are about 700 individuals and they are easy to spot. They are not very skittish and some individuals behave like tame animals. In winter the Elk gather in pine forest where they have enough food to survive. In March/April they move to the marshes to feed on sedges, grasses, young leaves and twigs and they stay there until the first snow falls. The easiest time to find them: December-April
We will do max 150 km by car searching for them in different places. In some spots walking a few km will be necessary.

Date: to suit

Number of participants: 1-3(4)

Duration: 7-8h, possibly split into a morning (4h) and afternoon (4h) session with a break in between.

Transport: 4x4

Price: 280 Euro/group/day

price includes: guiding and local transport

Recommended equipment: wellington boots