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Riverside hide old

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Species photographed from this hide:
(r - rare)

Blackbird (r)
Blue Tit
Chaffinch (r)
Coal Tit
Common Buzzard
Crested Tit
Cuckoo (r)
Elk (Moose) (r)
European Bison (r) )
Golden Eagle (r)
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Tit
Green Sandpiper (r)
Grey-headed Woodpecker (r)
Lesser Spotted Eagle
Marsh Harrier (r)
Marsh Tit
Middle Spotted Woodpecker
Pygmy Owl (r)
Racoon Dog
Red Fox
Red-backed Shrike
Roe Deer (r)
Scarlet Rosefinch (r)
Song Thrush
Sparrohawk (r)
Whinchat (r)
White Stork (r)
White Wagtail (r)
White-tailed Eagle (r)
Wild Boar (r)
Willow Tit
Wren (r)
Yellohammer (r)

Description of the hide:

Double-sided hide with one-way glass
Size: 410x310x160cm (width x length x height) plus toilet.
Floor size: 410x410 cm.
Number of places: 4
Low perspective: yes
Orientation: E i S
WC: yes
Heating: yes

Additional info:

Two-sided hide: raptor baiting place and drinking/feeding place for small birds
Entering/leaving the hide - in winter - in the dark.
Recommended lenses: from 200 to 600 mm