Marek Kosiński

founder and owner of the company; wildlife photographer, biologist (PhD in biological sciences) and naturalist by education and passion, popularizer of nature and nature photography, winner of awards in prestigious international nature photography competitions: BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in London and GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (Germany) ); graduate of the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences of the Jagiellonian University, long-time researcher and academic teacher at the Institute of Botany of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow; co-author (together with his wife Renata) of several nature books, together they published approximately 15,000 photographs in books, school textbooks, magazines and calendars in Poland and abroad; juror of national photography competitions; a resident of Krakow since birth, in 2004 he finished working at the Krakow university and moved with his family to Białowieża, where he lives to this day.

Marian Batura

wildlife guide and photographer; his favorite photographic subject are mammals, especially bisons. He is a reliable guide on our bison safaris, and his perseverance, patience and knowledge of bison paths have resulted in thousands of photographs of these mammals in all possible weather conditions. His passion for observing nature is also rewarded with frequent encounters with wolves. He is also a tour leader on our foreign expeditions. Marian is a native of Podlasie, he has lived in Hajnowka since birth, and he knows the Bialowieza Forest like the back of his hand. Although he feels best in the field, Marian also built all our hides. In his free time, Marian most often photographs... bisons.

Renata Krzyściak-Kosińska

Renata Krzyściak-Kosińska

biologist (PhD in biological sciences) and naturalist by education and passion, nature enthusiast and popularizer, licensed guide to the Białowieża National Park; for several years she was the head of the Scientific Unit of the Białowieża National Park, and then the Forest Education Center "Jagiellońskie" in the Białowieża Forest District. Currently, she works at the Institute of Environmental Protection in Warsaw and guides trips to the strictly protected area of the Park. She is the author of publications on Polish amphibians, as well as an amphibian inventory and monitoring, also in the Białowieża Forest. She coordinated work on the application to include the entire Białowieża Forest on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and then was involved in the preparation of a management plan for this site. Expert of the Council of Europe on the European Diploma of Protected Areas. She sometimes guides our foreign tours.

About us

We are a group of wildlife photographers and biologists based in the Bialowieza Forest, Poland.  We organize specialized workshops and tours for nature photography enthusiasts. The main topic of our trips are wild animals (birds and mammals) in their natural environment. We enable watching and photographing animals at close distances by using specially prepared photohides. Hides allow for non-invasive and non-disturbing photography of even extremely timid and cautious species. We offer a network of professional and comfortable hides in the Bialowieza Forest and the immediate vicinity.


We run tours in Poland (mainly in the well-known Bialowieza Forest) and also in other countries in Europe. We also organize nature trips in the Bialowieza Forest, including guided walks to the Strictly Protection Area of the Bialowieza National Park, as well as bison and elk safaris and ornithological walks.


The core of the company are the people listed below. In addition, we cooperate with local guides, ornithologists and biologists, whose names will appear at appropriate events.

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