Marian Batura


Number of participants

Bialowieza, car park next to the Post Office

Departure place

  • half day - up to 4h
  • full day - 8h


half an hour before sunrise

Departure time

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+48 601 291 355

Terms & conditions

4x4, provided


  • binoculars
  • photo gear

Recommended equipment

Level of fitness required



Possible inconveniences

Bison safari

Trip details

European Bison is the emblem of the Bialowieza Forest. In winter it is relatively easy to find bison herds which concentrate near numerous feeding places which we will visit during the trip. They can even be found in corn fields and in villages where they look for food. In spring, summer and autumn we will search for them mainly in meadows where they come to graze early morning.

Bison are not very shy animals and quite often it is possible to take decent shots directly from a car or just placing the tripod near a car. It is much easier to approach them in the open area where they can see you and feel safe rather than in the forest where they usually run away and hide behind the trees. In the forest it is much easier to get close to solitary bulls rather than to herds consisting of cows and calves.

During the trip we can also see other forest inhabitants: red deer, roe deer, wild-boar and also: elk, red fox or even wolf. This will also be a good opportunity to take landscape images.

Half day trip: 200€ / group

Full day trip: from 400€ / group

each extra hour: 50€ / h / group



to suit, full day option only from December to March

Available dates

Bialowieza Forest area


20 September 2023

free roaming wild European Bison

Main topic