Marek Kosiński or Marian Batura

min 1, max 4

Number of participants

Bialowieza village, car-park next to the Post Office, ul. Parkowa 2

Departure place

5-7h, including car trips (max 2h)


very early in the morning

Departure time

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Terms & conditions



  • outer clothing in subdued colors, preferably not rustling, not afraid of mud

  • warm (even winter) rainwear, hats, gloves; it can be cold in windy weather!

  • rain protection for photographic equipment (as above)

  • a bag, mat, sailing bag, etc. under the backpack (if the hide will be wet and muddy)

  • rubber boots, possibly waders/chest waders, although we will not know in advance whether they will be needed; we have a few pairs to borrow if necessary

  • tripod (necessary!)

  • headtorch

  • cable release (recommended)

Recommended equipment

Level of fitness required


wading in mud or water

Trudności i niedogodności

Crane phototrip

Trip details

In late summer and throughout autumn Cranes gather together and spend the night in safe locations. In autumn their numbers increase, as migrating birds join the local birds. The places most often chosen by Cranes are backwaters and meadow swamps, as well as shallow, small water reservoirs and shallows on the larger ones. Because the birds are standing in the water, they can be photographed with reflections and often in mists floating over the water. There is usually not much time for taking photos, because Cranes usually fly to their feeding grounds around sunrise but the simultaneous flight of several dozen or several hundred birds at the same time is an experience that you will never forget! Photo session takes place from a prepared photohide, which we enter in the dark, before sunrise. Hides are often located in wetlands or even in shallow water. The actual photography itself is technically difficult as it usually takes place in low light conditions. However, we provide tips on how to deal with such conditions. One thing is certain - photographing Crane roosting in autumn is one of the best natural experiences (visual and auditory!) in our part of Europe.

1 person: 250 Euro/person

2 people: 170 Euro/person

3 people: 150 Euro/person

4 people: 120 Euro/person


to suit, from September to November

Available dates

Bialowieza Forest area


21 October 2023

roosting cranes, guided trip to a photohide

Main topic