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  • lens at least 300 mm (DX); 400-500 mm full frame is best
  • tripod not necessary for boat shooting
  • rain protection for yourself and camera gear; you must be prepared for rain and splashing water
  • warm winter clothes (incl. hat and gloves) esp. for autumn/winter/spring shooting; it can be really cold when it is windy

Recommended equipment

Level of fitness required


If you have problems with seasickness please be prepared for that. The boat is pretty stable but some rocking may occur. We will be exploring a big river mouth NOT open sea.

Possible inconveniences

Eagle boat trip

Trip details

Western Pomerania is exceptionally rich in White Tailed Eagles. These magnificent birds have been following fishermen boats for many years so they are used to them now. They hunt close to the boats and can be easily photographed at a decent distance. They are also attracted by fish thrown by the fishermen from the boats to the water.The boat trip lasts max 3h. We can expect ca. 3 to 12 (on average) eagle dives on each trip and even more sightings. We will photograph eagles in flight so it is good to bring appropriate equipment (see below) and to have some experience in action shots.

Other possible species during the trip are: gulls, cormorants, ducks, sometimes also bearded tits.

1-2 people: 460 Euro per boat

3-4 people: 600 Euro per boat

5 people: 700 Euro per boat


to suit, from March to November

Available dates

Odra river delta


10 December 2023

fishing White tailed Eagles

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