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up to 4h


half an hour before sunrise

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4x4, provided


  • rubber boots
  • binoculars
  • photo gear

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Elk safari

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The Biebrza Marshes is the kingdom of Elk (moose). Currently, there are about 700 of these mammals in this area and they are relatively easy to see and photograph. They are not too timid, and some individuals behave like tame animals. During winter, they gather in pine forests because that is where they can find food most easily. In March and April, they slowly move to the swamps, where they feed on sedges and young twigs and remain there until the first snowfall. They are easiest to spot between December and April.

During the safari we will travel by car for approximately 150 km. The total amount of possible walks is a maximum of several kilometers.

240€ / group


included in the price: English speaking guide and local transportation


to suit, best time from December to March

Available dates

Biebrza Marshes


18 November 2023

wild Elk (Moose) in its natural habitat; in winter also chances for beaver and otter

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