max 10

Number of participants

at Urzad Gminy Bialowieza, Bialowieza, Sportowa 2 street

Departure place

up to 4h


5.00 or 10.00 or 15.00

Departure time

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Terms & conditions



  • photo camera
  • binoculars
  • comfortable hiking boots
  • waterproof clothing
  • insect repellent (summer)

Recommended equipment

Level of fitness required


7 km walk on flat terrain

Possible inconveniences

Guided walk to the Bialowieza NP

Trip details

The Bialowieza Forest is an ancient forest complex, wonderful at each time of the year. Its most primeval part was excluded from use in 1921. Since then man does not interfere directly with this natural ecosystem. We invite you to explore this ancient Forest which may surprise you with its diversity and changed looks at each time of the year. Winter calm, spring madness of life, summer fullness and autumn pallet of colours and forest gifts will be unforgettable to those who devote their time and attention to this splendid place.Here you might experience what it would be like living in Europe before man spread its rule over the continent. Nature enthusiasts may see here untamed forest with thousands of species of plants, fungi and animals. Romantics may feel like Alice in Wonderland while pragmatics may stand the chance of understanding why nature lovers and conservationists are so determined to protect it. We warmly invite you to explore the heart of ancient Białowieża Forest.

Visiting the heart of the Białowieza Forest World Heritage Property is eligible only with a licensed guide.

Before meeting the guide you have to buy yourself entrance tickets to the Bialowieza National Park (on-line on BNP website: ).

700-850 PLN / group (= ca. 170-200 €)


  • included in the price: guiding
  • final price depends on who will guide you in the park
  • not included in the price: entrance tickets to the National Park: 10 PLN/perso


to suit, all year

Available dates

Bialowieza National Park


18 November 2023

Guided walk to the Bialowieza NP

Main topic